The number 33 is the cry of the human soul. Her desperate appeal to real, unconditional and absolutely pure Love. Love, which is beyond our understanding. Love, descending into the world, to support and strengthen us, foolishly and blindly resisting its life-affirming influence.

The number 33 from the language of numbers is translated as the highest degree of love – love between God and Man. Its intensity is so great that such Love literally “eats” itself, becoming an absolute synonym for self-sacrifice. And, by no means that self-sacrifice, about which we are able to write or think.

The number 33 is the superconscious form of self-sacrifice, when God and the human Soul sacrifice themselves to each other, finding in this Happiness and Sense. The interpenetration of Happiness and Sense here is so complete that Happiness becomes meaningful, and Sense happy!

Now try to look from this angle on the fact of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ at the age of thirty-three. However, it is better not to touch on the holy scriptures so as not to get bogged down in the dogmatic networks of world religions … Especially, one does not want to offend the feelings of believing people.

The value of the number 33

The value of the number 33 is made up of the values ​​of the triples that make up it. In spiritual numerology, to which this site is dedicated, the number 3 means two things: the intuitive choice of man and Love.

In interpreting the number 33 it is important to take into account that at the higher levels of Being and Consciousness (and any person lives simultaneously on eleven levels), intuitive choice and love are the essence of the same thing. The more coarse, the material level of Consciousness is, the greater the gap is formed between intuition and love. Why?

Because our everyday experience is mixed with our intuitive choice “on earth”. The everyday experience from the position of number 33 is absolutely useless thing, although for a whole series of numbers, such as, for example, the number 2 and the number 6 it is absolutely necessary!