Speaking of the active love of the number 31, it should be borne in mind that the true, esoteric concept of love is much broader and deeper than the traditional interpretation of this word. Therefore, when translating the number 31 from the language of numbers, one sometimes gets the impression that 31 has a set of values.

However, in fact, the number 31 has only one meaning, one meaning. Simply, this meaning, viewed with respect to the different levels of human Being and Consciousness, is sometimes transformed beyond recognition.

The value of the number 31

In fact, every living being on the planet, including man, lives only thanks to Divine Love and draws strength exclusively in it. Since in the Divine Love, as in the ordinary human, there is a male and female principle, in the language of numbers it can be said that the basis of life for each being on the planet is number 31 (male, active principle in love) and number 30 (passive, female ).

Hence it is clear that some global processes of living nature are “calculated” in spiritual numerology with the help of numbers 31 and 30. If we are talking about lyrical relations between opposite sex, then the number 30 symbolizes a woman, and the number 31 is a man.

Of course, the human being is a complex organism, and spiritual numerology must take into account that the same person in his amorous adventures sometimes exhibits the properties of the number 30, and sometimes the properties of the number 31. Much depends on the ratio of the male and female beginnings within a person, momentary mood, character, upbringing , The behavior of others, well-being and so on.

Spiritual numerology, to which this site is dedicated, is not a naked calculation, when it can be argued: “such and such a figure means something” – and everyone rushes to apply the newly acquired “knowledge” to everyone in a row and in all situations.

To learn how to understand what kind of influence the numbers have on us (including the number 31), one must learn to think “in volume”. That is, it is necessary to see and evaluate simultaneously the maximum number of factors that accompany and make up the destiny of a person. There are also spiritual factors, and emotional-physical.