The number 30 is a derivative of the number 3. Therefore, in order to truly understand the value of the number 30, it is necessary to know the main meaning of the number 3. The main meaning of the triplet is Love in all its manifestations, from the most “base”, physiological, and ending with the ” , Spiritually-intuitive.

The value of the number 30 is made up of the meaning of the number 3 and the meaning of zero. The value of zero in spiritual numerology (to which this site is dedicated) is peace, maturation, potential, peace.

Therefore thirty from the language of numbers is translated as “calmness in love” or “comfort in love.” The choice of formulation depends on a number of subjective and objective factors in the life of the individual.

However, in my opinion, the most important meaning of the number 30 is the “potential of Love”. That is, in the number of 30 all possible in the future manifestations of love.

Value of number 30

The number 30, at first glance, is absolutely non-initiative. So it, in general, is … However, it must be understood that everything that happens to us on the external levels of Being and Consciousness is only the result of deep spiritual states, concluded exactly in number 30.

Therefore, the number 30, although not very suitable for business and generally for any ambitious plans, nevertheless, it is this number that indirectly creates the prerequisites for success in everything. The number 30 is not directly related to making a profit, with material prosperity and career. But (!) Indirectly this number can contribute to profit, and career, and in general, EVERYTHING!

Yet the main thing, promoted by the number 30 – is love. Number 30 does not like sudden movements, hot words and loud vows. The number 30 simply fills all those who come into contact with it, with LOVE or with JUST!