The number 3 in the language of numbers means spiritually-intuitive thinking. The human brain thinks at the same time in two categories: rational and spiritually-intuitive. For rational thinking there corresponds number 2. A spiritual-intuitive thinking is number 3.

The three and the two form the number 23 and the number 32, which represent the human Mind in all its manifestations.

The triple in the language of numbers, other than intuitive thinking, embodies human love. Number 3 is the number of love. On the gross, purely material levels of being and consciousness, number 3 is sex. And at the most subtle, “high” levels – Divine Love.

Spiritual numerology is the essence of numbers is always analyzing in volume. That is, with respect to all layers of Being and Consciousness. After all, man is a multi-dimensional creation, and is not accidentally considered a small copy of the universe. It is even more correct to say that the universe is a copy of a person, but this turn of thought will greatly distract us from the topic …

It is simply a pity that modern numerology analyzes the influence of numbers on people as if the Consciousness of man is eternally in one plane. And the person himself at the same time looks as “flat”, accurately drawn on paper.

That is a story, and a fairy tale is ahead … And where is the fairy tale, if it is a question of a troika? And besides, that the value of figure 3 is very convenient to describe on the example of Russian folk tales.

Fabulous value of 3

Number 3 – you must have noticed how often it is mentioned in fairy tales? “My father had three sons,” “I went three days and three nights,” “three times to spit.” “Three times clap your hands,” “three times turn around its axis,” “three times to say something.”

The figure 3 in Russian folk tales is simply decisive. I do not know where the common people got so much wisdom … But from the esoteric point of view and from the standpoint of spiritual numerology, the number 3 was used incredibly accurately and appropriately in Russian tales.

In folklore, the number 3 very often reflects precisely the turning points in a person’s life. This is especially evident in the “three roads”, which are usually spread out in front of the main characters at the time of the inevitable choice. And not just an “inevitable”, but a fateful choice, which is actually a matter of life and death.

It is enough for the main character not to guess the right direction – and that’s all, “farewell to your own”. Serve the woman Yaga with the bones of a good fellow! The curtain falls. The disgruntled spectators dejectedly wander to the exit, hardly distinguishing the road in the fog of unbidden tears.