The number 29 from the language of numbers is translated as “the soul of a person”. A person consists of a Person (having a name, a surname, a character) and an individual Soul (which has accumulated a certain karmic and spiritual experience, but almost does not take part in the life of the Person).

And number 29 means a rational approach to religions and, in general, to any spiritual practices. People born on the 29th, in matters of religion, are always accented on “what God will give me” or “what God will not give me.”

29 consists of the number 2, meaning practical thinking, and the number 9, which is translated from the language of numbers as “the victory of the spirit over the body.” These two figures and the main meaning of the number 29 – the rational approach to the spiritual, the rational belief in God, the practical attitude to religion (call it what you want) is conditioned. This is not bad and not good. This is normal – there is just such a number, with just such a meaning.

A person born on the 29th day always always explicitly or secretly strives for spiritual comprehension of reality. At the same time, he does not necessarily realize his craving for the knowledge of God or the “meaning of life”. A myriad of people come into contact with spiritual knowledge as if by the way, especially without thinking about such concepts as “spiritual wisdom” or “spiritual love”.

Value of number 29

Number 29 for many people belongs to the category of important numbers. However, all numbers ending in 9 and 9 can be considered important numbers. Spiritual numerology attaches special importance to such numbers, because the energy of these numbers interacts with our spiritual, inner world, which, with respect to the physical world, is primary.

In general, when it comes to the meaning of numbers in numerology, one must first of all think about the energy of numbers. Because it is their energy that affects us positively or negatively, not numbers in themselves. If the number (no matter what number) is considered irrespective of its energy, then it does not make any sense at all!

From the point of view of spiritual numerology, the number 29, the number 9, the number 19, the number 99, the number 999 are extremely favorable. But first of all, these numbers are favorable, if it is about your thoughts and actions related to your Calling or spiritual development.

As a date, the 29th number is undesirable to choose if you are going to business negotiations or a “sexually-drink” party. But for a campaign in the church, a mosque, a synagogue, a Buddhist temple of a better date than the 29th number does not exist!