The number 28 from the language of numbers is translated as the Fate of Man. The number 28 – always carries an imprint of predetermination and inevitability. This, on the one hand, does not have optimism, on the other hand, it requires a lot of wisdom from a person that, despite the predetermined number of situations, nevertheless, try to influence them actively (!) …

The number 28 – one of the most paradoxical numbers in numerology, as, indeed, everything connected with the concept of fate. Among the 28 Heavens seem to tell us: “Yes, nothing depends on you, but you must support the illusion that everything depends on your personal will!”

To maintain such an illusion requires considerable strength of mind and a firm standing on the legs, than people born on the 28th day (even no matter what month!), As a rule, have.

Value of number 28

The value of the number 28 is made up of the values ​​of the digit 2 and the number 8. The number 2 in spiritual numerology personifies the person himself as a Person (with all his weaknesses, principles and passions).

The figure 8 within number 28 has two main meanings: wisdom and destiny, which by and large does not contradict each other. After all, no one can understand their destiny until they have attained Wisdom. And also no one can become wise without accepting his fate …

To be reconciled with destiny, by the way, does not mean weakness! This means only that in our life there are things that depend on us and there are things that do not depend on us. In spiritual numerology, this truth is expressed in number 28.

Indeed, there is absolutely no need to spend emotional and physical strengths where nothing depends on us! This is the beginning of wisdom – everyday and spiritual.