The number 23 from the language of numbers is translated as the human Mind. And that’s why. The number 23 consists of two digits: two and three. The number 2 in spiritual numerology means superficial, banal, stereotyped thinking. And figure 3 symbolizes intuitive, voluminous, non-standard thinking.

The number 2 – the starting figure in the number 23 – means thinking, built on the generally accepted principles and postulates of our world. Number 3 – thinking, which goes beyond the framework of any principles and laws.

The value of the number 23 stems from the fact that on the one hand, the number 2 and the figure 3 are opposed to each other. On the other hand, these figures, joining in number 23, complement each other.

23rd number in numerology dates

Therefore, say, in the numerology of dates, people born on the 23rd are full of internal contradictions. But at the same time, the date of birth 23 sometimes makes a person a straightforward example of a combination of all kinds of human thinking.

Number 23 uniquely refers to the category of good numbers. But 23 can be a good (and even lucky number!) Only for smart people. Of course, the concept of “smart man” and “stupid person” is very relative … Yet, for people, let’s say softer, with limited thinking capabilities, the figure 23 sometimes brings a lot of trouble.

Those who are stiff in their principles and are not ready to accept the “revolutionary” views on life, the 23rd is not a very suitable date for important events and making crucial decisions.

For example, people born on the 2nd or on the 22nd are better off not having a wedding on the 23rd. This does not mean that the marriage will certainly fall apart, but it’s hard to count on a cloudless family life.