The number 22 in the language of numbers symbolizes the communication of people on a mutually beneficial basis. But the meaning of number 22 is deeper than it seems at first glance. The number 22 as it emphasizes the inability of most people to disinterested relations. Only mutual benefit (not necessarily measured in money!).

Number 22 – there is little love in it, except, perhaps, love of one’s own principles. Nevertheless, 22 is a strong number, if we are talking about the material areas of human life, for example, the conclusion of contracts.

In general, the whole spectrum of relations between people is reflected in the number of 22 – which is quite natural! After all, number 22 consists of two deuces. And the number 2 in spiritual numerology means the Person of man.

The value of the number 22

Number 22 is one of the weakest numbers in the spiritual realm. This is an important aspect, because human life by 99 percent consists precisely of spiritual impulses, not material ones, although it seems to us everything is exactly the opposite … Therefore, in the numerology of human fate, the number 22 is rather weak than the strong number.

Number 22 is unknown to the energy of Love (in the broadest sense of the word), the energy of tenderness, the energy of warmth. 22 is like the north pole in the world of numbers. Deep feelings here freeze and fall into a hibernation, like bears. The rest (more superficial) feelings are always on the alert, actively participating in obtaining or searching for “earthly goods”.