Number 21 refers to the category of good numbers. 21 is a really good number that brings good luck. But this is true, mainly for hardworking people. Or at least for those who are ready to make efforts to achieve specific goals.

Lazyboys number 21 does not bring luck … For lazy people, the number 20 is more safe – the number of human passivity, human inaction. In spiritual numerology, the figure 20 is the exact opposite of figure 21.

The Twentieth protects those who do not like to overstrain themselves at work, preferring a quiet, subordinate position. Let this post be low-paid, but without special responsibility!

21 – number of human activity

21 – the number of actions, the number of decisions, including fateful ones. 21 is an energetically very strong number. This fact is actively used in numerology dates. For example, if a person has to do something important in which he must make responsible, independent decisions, the 21st is very favorable.

But if a person has to follow someone else’s orders and put into practice other people’s ideas, then the 20th is much more favorable. In spiritual numerology, the confrontation between the number 20 and the number 21 occurs in all spheres of personal life, including the relations of the spouses in the family, the birth of children, and so on. The family is more suitable for the 20th. And for work on the household is the 21st.