The number 2017 – its meaning in spiritual numerology (to which this site is dedicated) is made up of the meaning of two numbers: the numbers 20 and the number 17. The value of the number 20 in the number of 2017 is the feminine personality.

A small retreat for clarity. In any person, regardless of gender, a woman and a man live. Our inner man is responsible for the desire to own, and a woman for the desire to please – like society as a whole or someone in particular. The field of activity of the inner man – the production of ideas and fantasies, and the inner woman – their preservation and development. A man is an initiative and freedom of choice. Woman – humility before circumstances and patience.

The more harmoniously we combine our men and women, the more fully and successfully we realize ourselves in this world. The soul by its very nature is a hermaphrodite, that is, it has at the same time both male and female components. By the way, that’s why any mature enough soul can be embodied both in the body of a man and in the body of a woman, proceeding from spiritual expediency. The absurd assumption that the soul has a male or female sex stems from our habit of transferring the properties of the physical world to the spiritual.

Inside the number 2017 the number 17 plays a major role; Number 20 – auxiliary. The number 20 is the stage, and the number 17 is the actor on it. The number 20 in the number of 2017 is the take-off strip, and the number 17 is the airplane that takes off from it.

The meaning of number 17 is the divine energy, the energy of the miracle. What is the energy of a miracle? This is an energy that does not fully correspond to the logic of events we imagine. The number 17 is the energy of the unexpected intervention of the higher spiritual forces in the destiny of man. In addition, the number 17 – the energy of our faith in God or in general into something “beyond”, which does not fit into the framework of material and everyday principles.

Number 2017

The number 2017 from the language of numbers is literally translated as “the female component of God, presenting surprises”. God (the original Source of intelligent energy) has male and female components – which is obvious, because our souls, created in His (her) image and likeness, also contain a female and a male principle.

The number 2017 has one interesting feature. The number 2017, as if in an invisible maternity ward, breeds our faith in God as a force capable of supporting and saving even in the most desperate situation. When you observe someone who, for no apparent reason, enjoys a new day, this is just the case when a newborn Vera lights up the invisible stars of our souls.

On the other hand, in 2017, the traditional beliefs of people associated with the widespread religions will be severely tested, as a result of which some people will strengthen their faith, while others will break down and then a little that was available. Such are the features of mass religions that block the divine nature of man in the framework of unambiguous rules. 2017-th year does not accept any “framework”, no matter how godly signs they are hiding.

The hardest things will be for people whose beliefs are completely based on the illusions of this world. The year 2017 is generally a killer of any illusions. No, let’s soften the wording, let’s say not the “murderer of illusions”, but … no, it’s a murderer. That’s that.