The number of 2015 in spiritual numerology means “a woman’s beginning in creativity”. In general, the creative impulse of the Universe (and man) in itself has a masculine nature (the energy of creation), which is the key to understanding the meaning of the number of 2015.

However, since creativity should not only create something, but also something to nurture (for all new there is a certain “incubator” period of maturation), it needs female energy. The focus of female energy occurs in the invisible “womb” of the Universe, capable of nurturing embryos of various ideas.

The number of 2015 seems to tell us: any idea must mature to appear to the world and give rise to a new Flow of Evolution. The essence of the number of 2015 is that it is “pregnant” with new turns of human history (or the history of a single human life). Premature “births” of the number of 2015 are fraught with immature ideas, doomed to an early extinction.

This obliges people in 2015 to carefully weigh the beginning of new projects, to give them time to ripen and form, in order to have a chance for their implementation in the future!

By the way, not all ideas belong to people! Earth-based ideas emanate from the Creator, which will impose its fateful imprint on the events of the year 2015.

In 2015, the Future of Mankind ripens. For the birth of the New World to be successful, the mother-universe needs rest.

But is it appropriate to talk about peace in modern society, boiling with passions of ideological wars at all levels of human existence and consciousness?