The number 20 in the language of numbers characterizes the state of human inaction, the state of passivity. And the number 21 – the state of the action, the state of activity. Any person can stay only in two states: the state of action and the state of inaction. That is, in the language of numbers, in the state of the number 20 and the state of the number 21.

When decoding the number 20 there is one important point that must take into account numerology, if this is real numerology, and not a cheap market fake. What I mean? The states of action and inaction sometimes mean different things about the different levels of human Being and Consciousness.

The number of 20 relatively low, material levels means only physical inaction (inactivity of the body). The number 20 relative to the average levels is the inaction of thoughts. The number of 20 relatively high levels is the inactivity of the Soul.
What is the “inactivity of the soul”? This is the passivity of the spirit, when the spiritual states of a person seem to freeze. In such cases, intuition seems to fall asleep, depriving a person of protection and guidance to action in critical situations.

Value of number 20

The main significance of number 20 is the feminine origin of the Universe and Man. While the number 21 – the male principle, active and fertilizing. The energy of number 21 is the sphere of making concrete decisions.

The energy of the number 20 is responsible primarily for maturation. Ripening of the human fetus inside the mother’s womb, maturation of thoughts, plans, projects. Maturation of future fateful actions in the life of all mankind or each individual.

It is the female energy of the number 20 that softens the erratic and passionate energy of 2015 and 2016. If not for the number 20 within these dates, then the energy of the number 15 and the number 16 would heap so much (considering the possibilities of technological progress) that the survival of mankind would be a big question …