The number 2 in spiritual numerology is a special number. Even in the most brief form, the description of the deuce could be taken by whole volumes – thick ones, written in small handwriting. Because the deuce is the most “human” of all numbers.

Number 2

Digit 2 is one of the most important numbers in spiritual numerology, because it reflects the most common motives of human actions. But in fact, on the visible, physical level of Being, our life and our actions are one and the same.

Therefore, two from the language of numbers is translated as “life.” But the number 2 symbolizes not the life that is real. And that gray, sweet life, where man is an unhappy, enslaved creature, concerned with his own survival.

The meaning of the number 2 is that it is the number of all crimes and punishments combined. By the way, one of the main axioms of spiritual numerology says: the number of crimes is always equal to the number of punishments. And it can only seem to others who do not know what Crime is or can not understand Punishments …

 Number 2 relative to the bible

The number 2 in relation to the Bible means the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. This fruit for a disrespectful reason was eaten by the first two people in the world in the territory of the now-former Paradise. The desecration of the famous fetus was greatly contributed by the Serpent – the number 6. The six from the language of numbers is translated as “the cause of all crimes.”

And it was so. According to legend, the Serpent (number 6) intrigued Eve (number 0). Eve convinced Adam (number 1). And Adam, like all men (like all units), thinking that he was persuaded, and not forced, hastened for the company with his blessed to taste the forbidden fruit.

That was the world’s first criminal grouping. Jokes are jokes, but in spiritual numerology there is a number meaning exactly “organized crime”. This number 2662, consisting of two spiritually dead numbers: the number 26 and the number 62. On the other hand, in terms of material goods, the numbers 26 and 62 are very much alive.