The meaning of the number 19 is determined on the basis of the interaction of the meanings of its two digits: units and nines. The unit in spiritual numerology is the number of force, the number of energy. A nine from the language of numbers is translated as “the victory of the spirit over the body.”

Hence the number 19 is the energy directed at strengthening the human Spirit. Simply put, the number 19 is an increased number of 9.

The number 19 has a special role in numerology. It is designed to curb and calm the human passions reflected in number 16: gluttony (passion for food), greed (passion for money), careerism (passion for self-affirmation).

In contrast to the number 19 there is always a number 16. By the way, this fact is convenient to use to determine the compatibility of people by the date of birth. It is very difficult for a person born on the 19th day to find a common language with a person born on the 16th. Although sometimes (very rarely) these people harmoniously complement each other.

The value of the number 19

The main significance of the number 19 in the language of numbers is an active, irresistible aspiration for spiritual development. People who are under the influence of number 19, do not always realize that their whole life, their actions and thoughts are subject to spiritual necessity, not material!

The energy of number 19 actively contributes to spiritual development. This subtle energy is not too concerned with our principles and moral principles until it interferes with spiritual growth and important internal influxes.

It is the inner, spiritual inspirations and insights that are the determining factor for the number 19. It is the number 19 that affects the world and man exclusively through spiritual self-disclosure!