The number 18 from the language of numbers is translated as “from fate do not go away”. In numerology dates, for example, people born on the 18th, often almost can not influence their fate. They, of course, it seems that they take “volitional decisions”, unravel life situations.

However, in fact, all the main decisions in life for them are already taken, and all life situations for them are already unraveled. Or more confusing … Here as luck. It is for people of number 18 that the concept of “lucky – unlucky” is really relevant.

The value of the number 18

The value of the number 18 is composed of the values ​​of the number 1 and the number 8.

The eight in the language of numbers means “fate” or “the recurrence of events” (in the sense that everything was already in the world and nothing new can be invented). Events, things, feelings and phenomena can be new in form and scope, but they remain the same in fact … So war is always war, fear is always fear, and love is always love.

Another figure, numbering 18, is one. Unit is the number of force. The number 1 in spiritual numerology always strengthens the figure behind it. Therefore, the number 18 is in fact an amplified number of 8. And since the eight is the number of destiny, the number 18 is itself the INEVITABILITY in the flesh.