The number 17 in spiritual numerology represents the power of divine intervention in the destiny of man. Seventeen refers to the category of good numbers. 17 is always a good number, but (!) Only for deeply religious people. For the rest – when.

The number 17 – consists of two digits: the numbers 1 and the number 7. The seven from the language of numbers is translated as “the intervention of divine conduct in the fate of man.” The number 1 in spiritual numerology is the number of strength. Therefore, the unit is in the habit of strengthening the numbers immediately following it.

Seventeen is essentially an intensified seven. Just like the number 19 – the strengthened nine, and the number 18 – the strengthened eight. The figure 1 does not change the meaning of the figure before which it stands, but is exclusively an intensification.

The unit can be compared to an amplifier for speakers. The amplifier amplifies the sound, but does not change the technical characteristics of the speakers themselves. So, seventeen from the language of numbers can be translated as “reinforced seven”.

The value of the number 17

The meaning of number 17 is the extremely active intervention of higher forces in human life. If the influence of the number 7 on different events sometimes remains unnoticed, then the heavy stride of the number 17 is not noticeable simply impossible!

Is it possible not to notice the fall of a large melted icicle on my head? The number 17 beats a person like that icicle – and also always takes unawares …

17 is still relevant to compare with a surgeon in the world of numerology. This number quickly breaks into your life, when you urgently need to change something for your own spiritual good. As they say, “for the soul.” But then suddenly it turns out that most people do not need spiritual blessings, even if they talk about them at every turn.

The fact is that true spiritual blessings sometimes come to us with pain, and almost never correspond to our ideas about them … That is why seventeen for many of us turns out to be bad and scary “Unlucky”. In any case, people, fixated on material prosperity, have every reason to fear precisely the number 17, and not the number 6 or 666, as is commonly believed.