The number 16 is an incredibly strong number in spiritual numerology. Sixteen can bring a greater material benefit to man. The problem is that for this material benefit, too high a fee …

The figure 16 in numerology dates is a lucky number for those who materially put above the spiritual. And figure 16 is an unlucky number for those who put spiritual values ​​above material. Being in the epicenter of the influence of the number 16, people literally choke with passions – a passion for money, sex and other physical pleasures.

The number 16 is similar to a certain energy typhoon, which literally blows away the spiritual essence of a person from the face of the Universe. Under the influence of number 16, our true self seems to dissolve in a poisonous mixture of ambition, self-interest and debauchery. Counterbalance to the number 16 in spiritual numerology is the number 19, which restores the true self of man.

Sixteen inflates the human Ego to a gigantic size. And then the world around us seems a miserable and insignificant performance at the level of cheap self-activity.

The value of the number 16

The value of the number 16 is composed of the values ​​of two numbers: the number 1 and the number 6. The unit of the language of numbers is translated as “energy”. A six – as “the victory of human passions over the human Spirit.” The number 1 always strengthens the numbers next to which is located.

Therefore, the number 16 can be called an amplified number six. Just as the number 14, for example, in spiritual numerology is an enhanced four. Or as the number 15 – an increased number of five.

From the fact that the number 16 is an amplified number of 6, it is easy to make one logical conclusion related to the numerology of dates. Namely: 1616-year (which, incidentally, is a leap day and begins on Friday, considered the Jews the sixth day of the week) – the year of the unconditional triumph of the Material Beginning of mankind over the Spiritual.

In each calendar year, the number 16 introduces the uncontrollability and unpredictability of human passions. A lot of unbridled passions number 16 adds to the year 2016.