The number 159 – from the language of numbers is translated as active spiritual creativity. That is, all the creative potential of the number 15 is used in spiritual self-analysis and self-knowledge of man. Here, creativity does not, in fact, create anything new, because from the spiritual point of view there is not and can not be anything fundamentally new under the Sky.

The number 159 tells us that with the passage of time, from century to century, only the names of people and the technical characteristics of the polysyllabic devices generated by science change. But for the person does not essentially change anything. Romantic passion, sexual attraction, hatred, greed, envy, striving for excellence, fear of responsibility – all these were experienced by our distant ancestors just like modern people.

That is why Active Creativity among 159 does not invent anything, but only remains in the state of prayer for Happiness, Love, Spiritual Illumination. The energy of number 159 is the energy of true meditation, in which a person realizes simultaneously his insignificance and his power, his shortcomings and his perfection.

By accepting these paradoxes, our Mind gains spiritual maturity and passes on to the next, qualitatively new stage of Consciousness, which can be called “spiritual consciousness”. And you can and do not name – in the end, any name only stimulates in us an appeal to the usual patterns of thinking that have nothing to do with the great spiritual and creative potential of 159!