The number 158 spiritual numerology considers as the number 15, expressing itself through the number 8. From the language of numbers the value of the number 158 is translated as active creativity, manifested through the inevitability of fate, through diplomacy in relations between people, pliability in disputes or spiritual wisdom.

Which of the meanings of the number 158 to choose depends on the level of the problem in question (if we are interested in the influence of the energy of this number on various life situations). So, for example, in terms of relations between people, the number 158 is the coming up of a soft way out of the conflict situation. All sorts of tricks to mitigate quarrels, exhortation raging anger, – in short, diplomacy.

Another, much deeper and subtle side of the meaning of number 158 is active creativity, demonstrating its gigantic possibilities in the bosom of spiritual wisdom, spiritual mentoring, studying spiritual truths and following them. Occupation of spiritual disciplines in our time sometimes requires considerable resourcefulness, in order to combine somehow knowledge about the spiritual nature of man with the primitive requirements of the surrounding world.

What do you not creativity (?!) – to reconcile the knowledge of a spiritual nature with the banal evidence that tomorrow you will receive bills for the apartment and the light that you have to pay regardless of the level of spiritual development you are in … To successfully combine the solution of domestic issues With the spiritual requires true wisdom. The energy of such Wisdom in spiritual numerology absolutely corresponds to the energy of number 158.