The number 157 in the language of numbers is the number 15 (active creativity), which manifests itself through the seven. Therefore, in spiritual numerology, the interpretation of the number 157 begins with a clear awareness of the number 7.

So, what is the essence of the seven inside number 157? “Seven” is the intervention of the divine hand into human destiny.

The number 7 is always unexpected, lightning, in its own way ruthlessly – in the sense that it never pities a person if he does not do his job or simply does not give himself an account of his own mission. Of course, this leaves an imprint on the number 157!

We do not always soberly assess their abilities, and yet they are a clue to the eternal question of the calling of man. Why did we come to this world? For what? For whom? For myself? For your loved ones? And close to whom? For us? We came to this world for each other?

For spiritual numerology, such questions are quite traditional. But especially they are appropriate when thinking about three-digit numbers, which include the number 7.

Given all of the above (of course, I tried to be as brief as possible so as not to bore you), the meaning of number 157 is active creativity, connected with Divine plans for us.

Heaven, as if disappointed in our mental abilities, begin to “come up” HOW to convey to us their intricate script with pre-allocated roles (oh, how we do not like the role of the second plan!).

So we become objects of divine creativity, intended to correct those of our actions and qualities that do not correspond to “heavenly plans” in relation to our Being.

Invisible Director comes up with such circumstances of life that we have to change, sometimes without noticing it, and become those whom HE wants to see in us. If we rush (liberally or unwittingly) we are simply broken … Heaven is not sentimental, they are just. And the fact that our concept of justice rarely coincides with spiritual justice only adds to us problems in understanding what exactly is happening to us.

Summarizing all of the above, it is easy to formulate the essence of number 157, – divine creativity in relation to individual people and humanity as a whole.