Number 156 – active creativity in trying to satisfy the most “base” of their passions. Strictly speaking, in spiritual numerology there are no high or low passions, there are simply passions to which any person is affected in varying degrees. In the language of numbers, the number 156 is the number 15, expressing itself through the six.

The number 156 is, for example, when a man wants at all costs to take possession of a woman and invents all sorts of pretexts, incentives, “ways of seduction” for this. And when there is an active struggle for power, the number 156 manifests itself as ingenious intrigues, complex conspiracies, multi-way combinations – bold and with mandatory elements of surprise.

Passion for wealth, too, directly leads to the need to invent something, to get out of difficult situations, to deceive and to use the weaknesses of its partners and competitors without fail. The energy of the number 156 also works in this field.