Number 154 – active creativity (number 15) in the struggle to maintain stability, balance (number 4). It can also be about the material, and the psychological stability of the individual, and the social stability of society.

This includes the struggle for financial stability of business, the family budget. Inventing ways to escape from the world with its eternal vanity and preoccupation is also number 154.

154 includes two energies (the energy of creativity and war) with the energy of equilibrium (yes, the equilibrium has its own internal energy! Among 154 the energy of creativity is subordinated to the interests of the energy of equilibrium.So creative people retain spiritual stability and peace only through their creative refinement .

Among 154 the energy of creativity enhances the energy of equilibrium. What happens in essence? Creativity seems to dissolve in Balance … It works both at the everyday and personal level (in completely banal situations) and at the level of the universe. In general, the higher laws of the universe (no matter how ridiculous it may sound) are the same for all levels of being. The pan falling from the shelf is essentially no different from the falling star, unless we connect our imagination that will “lower” the pan to the level of “what a trifle!” And “raise” the star to the level of poetry …