Number 153 – intense creativity or intense struggle (number 15) in the name of love (number 3).

When interpreting the number 153, we must take into account that in fact people never fight for Love, although it seems the opposite to them. “Struggle” and “love” – ​​the concepts are absolutely incompatible. The only thing for which we really fiercely fight, is for our ideas of love. This is exactly what the number 153 says.

On the other hand, the number 153 in spiritual numerology reflects the creative component of love between men and women. So men sometimes show miracles of ingenuity, seeking the attention of a woman they like.

And the number 153 is unique in that it represents the union of Love (in the broad sense of the word, including ordinary charity) and Creativity (beginning with the writer’s creativity and ending with the creation of the universe by the supreme creation of the world). The LIFE itself is only due to the constant spiritual impulses of Love and Creativity. Only their wise cooperation allows us to exist, doing all kinds of stupid things to feed our stomach and ambition.