The number 152 is the weakest energy of all possible manifestations of the number 15. And not because weak, that weak in itself, but because it is infinitely dependent on our patterns of thinking.

A powerful, unyielding number of 15 is doomed to solve small household problems of number 2 … It’s like giving a lion a carrot. Sorry sight!

Among 152 the enormous potential of creativity (the number 15) is forced to manifest itself in stubbornly upholding pathetic human principles, sophisticated lies and worse, a subtle, endless self-deception so characteristic of the deuce.

The number 152 in spiritual numerology is an uncompromising, meaningless war, an endless series of small and large conflicts in the name of our “stubborn” principles (absolutely no matter what!). These principles are an inexhaustible source of our ills, diseases and loneliness.

And our principles are generated solely by our weaknesses and prejudices, which we have absorbed literally from the mother’s milk. Therefore, it is effective to use the meaning of 152 in life only if you SEE the essence of a given number.

Victory for the sake of principles is a pittance. And defeats – even more so! But it is the victories and defeats in the field of upholding one’s own convictions by people and is the element of number 152.