The number 150 in spiritual numerology is the number 15 (active creativity), which has temporarily exhausted itself or should be exhausted in the near future. I say “temporarily” because creativity can not exhaust itself completely and forever.

At the same time, the number 150 is the maturation of creativity. Here, for example, there is a huge creative potential in a man that has not yet been revealed and has not yet found himself. This energy state corresponds exactly to the energy of the number 150.

If we are talking about war and not creativity, then the value of number 150 is a calm before the battle or a battle that ended in nothing. Do not forget: “war” and “creativity” on the high levels of human being and consciousness are the same thing. After all, war is also creativity (!), The creation of history.

History creates (creates and destroys) through wars. The complete cessation of all wars and international conflicts is, in fact, what will precede the end of the world! And not the third world one. The third world war will only give the strongest push for the further development of the history of mankind.