The number 15 in spiritual numerology symbolizes the peak, the flowering of creativity. At the same time, paradoxically, fifteen means the very height of the war.

In general, the figure 15 is the embodiment of almost all the paradoxes of our world … After all, the main engines of human history are Creativity and War.

The number 15 consists of two digits: one and five.

The figure 1 from the language of numbers is translated as Energy. Figure 5 – Creativity and War.

Therefore, the meaning of the number 15 is the energy directed to creativity or war. What does the war have to do with creativity? Well, how! War – also creativity, creativity of history.

In numerology dates should be taken into account: people born on the 15th are very impulsive. If they have become involved in something, they can move mountains in this field. In the name of creativity (or war), people of number 15 are able to forget about themselves and their loved ones.

Living with such people is incredibly difficult. They are completely devoid of practicality (except for those born in the second, fourth, sixth and tenth months). But in general, people of the number 15 are created in order to push the history of humanity forward, and not to assess the material benefits of their actions.

If it is difficult to drive people of number 15 into the close framework of housekeeping (which, by the way, is quite difficult), they will be deeply unhappy. And, the household will be even more unhappy …

The value of the number 15

The meaning of the number 15 in spiritual numerology is best understood by comparing it with the numbers 5 and 25. All these numbers – number 5, number 15 and number 25 – are responsible for creativity. But each reflects its own component of Creativity.

Number 5 – creativity as such, regardless of specific individuals, specific ideas and projects. For the number 5, the creativity of God and Man stands on the same level, or rather, this number does not know how to divide Creativity into some of its types. Number 5 does not matter what’s new on Earth. The main thing is that it should appear and that something old should be destroyed.

Number 15 – responsible for the aspect of creativity, when something specific is invented. Not generally “new” as in the case of the number 5, but a specific one – for example, an airplane. The invention of telephones, televisions, cars is all number 15.

It is in the number 15 live brilliant inventors. And although they were not all born on the 15th, nevertheless, in all of them the energy of the number 15 was prevalent. She guided them, inspired and instructed them.

However, if not for the number 25, all these planes and telephones would remain projects on paper. After all, the number 15, although capable of inventing ingenious things, is absolutely incapable of realizing them.

The number 25 is responsible for the implementation of brilliant projects. The number 25 is also Creativity, but this is rational creativity, allowing a careless sketch of the fashion designer to turn into clothes that can be worn.