The number 14 consists of two digits – the number 1 and the digit 4. The number 1 of the language of numbers is translated as Energy. And figure 4 – Balance. Hence the value of number 14: the energy aimed at maintaining equilibrium.

The interpretation of the meaning of the number 14 implies the obligatory knowledge that the same number in the translation from the language of numbers can have different values ​​relative to different levels of being and consciousness.

Spiritual numerology, to which this site is dedicated, allocates 11 levels of Being and Consciousness – from the “lowest”, material levels, to the highest “spiritual” levels.

Man exists on all eleven levels of being and consciousness at the same time. Therefore, in the numerology of human destiny, any kind of numbers should be explained with respect to all levels. Judge for yourself whether human thoughts, body, feelings, deeds and spiritual states make sense in one “heap”, as traditional numerology does?

The value of the number 14

The value of the number 14 relative to the level of “action” is a person’s measured actions according to the principle “Measure 7 times, cut once”.

The value of the number 14 relative to the thoughts of a person is thinking, aimed at reconciling the views of a particular person with the principles that prevail in society.

The value of the number 14 with respect to food intake is a balanced diet, without excess and with enough vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins.