To the number 13, popular rumor ascribes all sorts of terrible, inevitable things. This is not entirely correct, although the mass subconscious (the source of popular rumor) is rarely mistaken. Just a person is so arranged that as long as the information goes from the subconscious to consciousness, it is strongly, sometimes beyond recognition, distorted.

With the number 13 this is what happened – a fatal, irreversible distortion of meaning. Thirteen has become almost the curse of all numerology and the symbol of the most hopeless bad luck. Together with the “friend in misfortune” by the number 6, the number 13 formed the diabolical combination of all the worst that can only happen in the sick imagination of mankind.

The number 613 was obtained, taking a special place in the magic of numbers. The number 613 is considered a straightforward natural embodiment of hell in the world of numbers. In fact, 613 means an active (at the limit of limits and opportunities) participation of the material principle of Man in the feast of Love.

With the number 13, connect all kinds of stories about evil spirits emerging from their sinister burrows on the 13th, certainly on Friday. Although who prevents the “bloodthirsty evil spirits” from getting out on the 7th, 10th, and any more? Who does not give her? Nora is always open, and the number 13 here is nothing to do with anything!

However, our brain is so arranged that it is looking for a “scapegoat” even at the level of numbers! If something does not work, then someone is to blame. It does not matter who: circumstances, nature, neighbor in the staircase. What, on a staircase except for you no one lives? Well then, let’s make guilty the number 13, he does not care, it does not understand …

By the way, he understands! Numbers have consciousness – this is one of the most important postulates of spiritual numerology. Consciousness of numbers is very different from human consciousness, but this is also consciousness. What is the difference between human consciousness and the consciousness of numbers?

The difference is that the consciousness of a person is constantly changing, is in the incessant movement of self-knowledge. And the consciousness of numbers is unchanging! It is a unique, unique kind of consciousness of the universe that does not change.

The value of 13

Thirteen from the language of numbers translates as “the human spirit, striving for love” or “energy, striving for love.” Another number of 13 can be translated as “the will, striving for love” or “the desire to love.” All these options are absolutely equivalent. And the choice of option depends on the levels of being and consciousness, regarding which the number 13 is considered.

Given that each person lives simultaneously on eleven levels of being and consciousness, number 13 has as many as eleven values! However, do not be afraid of such a large number of values, because none of them contradict the other. And no matter how we, for example, interpreted the figure 13, in any case, it symbolizes a strong craving for Love (in all its manifestations).

The meaning of number 13, like the meaning of any other number, is always one. But from different “floors” of the universe it is seen in different ways. A person looking at the house from the side does not see the same thing as a person looking at the house from above. However, this is in any case the same house!

Speaking of numerology dates, thirteen within some important date in a person’s life is not only a powerful figure, but also absolutely uncompromising. However, the uncompromising nature of figure 13 is easy to understand. After all, 13 is the highest point of the boiling of Love!

Remember yourself in love or in love. And then multiply your passion into a million, so that she goes through all the degrees of insanity. What kind of compromises!