Love is one of the strongest human feelings. For the sake of a loved one you can turn mountains, write a touching poem or get a star from the night sky. In love, all the best and bad qualities were united: what exactly is not in love, so it is emptiness. This feeling fills the whole space of the soul and displaces other emotions.

How to know that love is coming? For this you need knowledge in the field of numerology, the theory of the existence of angels and the usual hours. We look at the clock too often: that’s why angels use them as your personal mailbox. Frequent repetition of the same numbers is a message sent by the custodians.

Of all combinations of numbers, the most interesting is 12:12. This is a love code telling you about an imminent meeting with your loved one. Prepare for it: drop all skepticism, internal contradictions and fatigue. Literally tomorrow you will connect your heart with a kindred spirit. Do not be afraid of love: she is charming!