To understand the essence of number 12, we must first consider the numbers from which it consists. The number 12 consists of one and two. The number 2 in the language of numbers means rational, practical thinking, with its categorical characteristic – either “yes” or “no.”

The number 1 of the language of numbers is translated as “energy” – any energy: from the rudest (animal) of its species to the most subtle – spiritual, acting on the vastly high levels of being and consciousness.

Twelve has several semantic aspects. One of them is spiritual leadership. Here the number 12 is very similar to the number 21. Only if 12 from the language of numbers is translated as “spiritual leadership”, then 21 – material leadership. I mean leadership, relating to the material processes in the fate of man.

Numerology of number 12

So, the number 12 contains the number 1 – the number of force. The unit of the language of numbers is translated not only as energy, but also as will. The will of man or the divine will depends on the level of being and consciousness, concerning which we consider the meaning of number 1 (every person lives simultaneously on the eleven levels of being and consciousness!).

In contrast to the number 2, the unit never argues, it orders and does not tolerate objections. The number 2 in spiritual numerology is considered to be the source of uncompromising disputes and bloody wars (the essence of the war is in the number of 5, but the source is in number 2).

People senselessly and cruelly destroy each other, being under the influence of number 2. When a person argues with himself, leading himself to frenzy – this is also the work of the deuce. And psychic phenomena such as a split personality indicate a complete triumph of the figure 2.

In the figure 12, the unit commands the deuce to choose either “yes” or “no”. The two choose and then the unit turns into her sword, sweeping away both serious obstacles and small obstacles. In itself, the number 1 can not be chosen. A unit is a power, a blind force, which among 12 agrees to act for the good of order.