1111 – Our whole life is full of addiction. We are dependent on work, our own habits and the opinions of others. We follow fashion trends and buy goods, which are imposed by competent advertising. But the most terrible dependence on a person: a more experienced friend or companion.

But even here it’s not so simple: an important message is lost in a variety of numerical values. So the angels have to repeat their message dozens of times. With me there was such a situation: for 4 days in a row I watched four units that lined up on an electronic clock. 11:11 forced me to go to search for answers and I found them.

As it turned out, this is an important message. It reads as follows: beware of dependence on a person. The next day after deciphering the heavenly letter, I met a girl and felt an irresistible attraction to her. Thanks to the message, I realized that this person will bring into my life a love addiction. It is more terrible than drugs in dozens of times.