The number 11 consists of two units. The unit of the language of numbers is translated as “energy”. Everything that happens outside and inside us, takes place only through the interaction of energies of different properties.

Therefore, the value of the number 11 in the numerology of dates or in the numerology of life is enormous. And in itself the number 11 is like the doubled power of a unit.

Eleven in spiritual numerology, in addition to energy, also symbolizes a higher degree of chaos. Chaos at all levels of being and consciousness – from the highest to the lowest.

Following the chaos of number 11, the number 12 follows. Twelve is the number of the Divine Order. What is the “divine order”? Imagine a universe in the form of a large room, where every person, like any ordinary thing in the room, should be in his place.

Why do you have to be on your own? Perhaps, the Creator greatly values ​​his own creations and does not want us to be lost … You must have met a lot of people lost in life? I also.

Numerology of the number 11

The number 11 reminds the playful juvenile offspring who, using absence of parents, goes mad, getting up unthinkable pranks. The child scratches the furniture with a nail, cuts a smart tablecloth with scissors and lights up toilet paper … In general, it is disgraceful and destroys the established order by all means available to it.

All this is amusing, if it is really only a naughty child. But if we are talking about the number 11, the numerology of your life sometimes gets a truly tragic coloring. After all, figure 11 “scratchs” not furniture, but your heart. It cuts not an elegant tablecloth, but your “smart” plans for the future.

And ignites the figure 11 not toilet paper, but your own emotions, resulting in a fire that can not be extinguished. After all, even if you connect all the fire hoses in the world, there is still not enough length to reach your burned soul …