109 membership includes a unit, a zero and a nine. Also 109 can be considered as a combination of ten, supplemented by the influence of the nine. Nine symbolizes love, the desire for spiritual enlightenment and humanity. It is a symbol of self-sacrifice, a higher mission and a developed sense of duty. Carriers of this number have developed intuition, and thanks to the inner willpower are able to cope with the most difficult problems. However, they are not devoid of romanticism and pure feelings. Among the material world, only these people retain sincere light and sincerity. Ten is a symbol of leadership and optimism. She gives her carrier new powers and creative fervor.

Thanks to her influence, a person is freed from the shackles of standardization and sent to his own way. They are original people, with their views on life and values. They feel confident: as in the company of the best friends, and among the powerful of this world. At the same time, a high level of intelligence allows these people to speak smart things and attract the attention of a fairly wide audience. The mystical meaning of the number The mystical meaning is determined by the influence of tens and nine, which are included in number 109. Nine is the embodiment of the Holy Spirit itself. This is the number of reflections and perfection of the inner world. It can be found in many cultures and teachings. Followers of Kabbalah are sure that it symbolizes providence and foresight.

The ancient Greeks considered this number sacred. They were sure that in the ninth the secret of eternal life is hidden. 9 is the last in a series of single numbers, and therefore it is attributed to the properties of all previous digits. The dozen is easily reduced to one, which is a symbol of leadership and achievements. Inside the ten, the sum of the four and six, which symbolize material wealth and wealth, is hidden. This figure is also considered the digital embodiment of unlimited space and secrets hidden in the hidden corners of the universe.