108 is a complex number: it looks at the influence of tens and eight, units and zero. Each of the figures has its own, powerful impact on the character, life path and acts of the carrier. The most pronounced effect of unity. It is a symbol of an active life position and aspiration to achieve the set goals. Most of the world’s famous leaders have this figure in their numerical matrix. The unit is complemented by zero, which symbolizes the infinity of the universe. It is a sign of eternal movement: we begin our life at one point and return to it at its conclusion.

It is a symbol of accumulated knowledge and spiritual wisdom. Moreover, the ancient thinkers believed that in this figure is the very concept of God. He is in the center of the circle and is hidden from people, but his love is spreading by waves that embrace all that exists on the planet. The Eight symbolizes authority and unquestioning obedience. This is a sign of professionalism, ability to manage resources and financial flows. It also contains the energy of perfection and, of course, infinity. Infinity is nothing more than a figure placed on its side.

Mystical significance of the number Pythagorean pupils were sure that in this number the very definition of love and friendship is hidden. The inhabitants of ancient Babylon considered this number the embodiment of our star. That’s why all the images of the Sun are supplemented by eight hands, located around the hot disk. And it is also a symbol of the relationship between the consequences and the causes that led to them.