How is the number 108 translated from the language of numbers? Why is the number 108 often used in occultism? What does it even mean?

Why exactly 108, not 110, 120, 130 and so on? It all depends on the structure of the universe. How the universe works, so everything is arranged in our world, absolutely everything!

Whoever has studied these questions for a while knows for certain that there are only 18 universal palaces and that there is (indeed, there is!) A river of life.

In the universe there are 18 sides of life (18 hectares). Everything is arranged in such a way that in each hall there are 3 higher entities, considerably exceeding us in the level of consciousness and controlling this line. Each Entity (which can still be called the “guardian of the palaces”) has a male and female beginning, like every human being.

By the way, the consciousness of the Keepers of the Chertovs is akin to the Consciousness of the Numbers. Therefore, the true adherent of numerology is much easier to understand what is at stake … Interpretation of numbers by an immature mind is a completely useless occupation, albeit fascinating.

Of all types of numerology, only spiritual numerology is able to break the veil, revealing one of the greatest mysteries of spiritual Consciousness, which keepers of the palaces (or higher entities) possess. Call them, as you prefer – the intensity of their life is so great that the names do not play any role here. The energy of any “name” or “name” is much rougher than the energy of their Life.

But back to our halls! So, we have 18 palaces and 3 higher Entities on each palm, 18×3 = 54. Considering that each higher entity (or each higher I) has a dark and bright beginning, consider further: 54×2 = 108.