107 consists of a unit, zero and seven. Quite often 107 is considered a combination of numbers ten and seven. Seven is one of the happiest and most significant figures. It is a symbol of intuition, accumulated knowledge and abilities for extrasensory perception. It is a sign of secret rituals, awareness of one’s inner self and spiritual awareness. With the seven associated a lot of mystical phenomena, and inveterate players consider it the embodiment of the most good luck. A dozen symbolizes leadership qualities, optimism and confidence in the future. It gives its bearer a sense of independence and awakens hidden creative talents. It is filled with the energy of success and originality. Most of its carriers are of an individual character.

Zero symbolizes the eternity: it simultaneously observes both the beginning of the path and its completion. The union of these two points gives the symbol of infinity. The mystical meaning of the number Seven has long been considered a symbol of immortality: it is often met in the Egyptian pyramids and treatises written by Indian thinkers. From the religious point of view, it is a symbol of the cross, which has a single center and six different directions. Carriers of the Seven are daughters of fortune. They achieve success where others fail. Such people easily cope with the most difficult problems, without making significant efforts. Ten also has its mystical meaning. In it are hidden two fives, symbolizing the development and stagnation at the same time.

This is a sign of higher knowledge received by man through channels from outer space. The hidden zero in it symbolizes the unification and unbreakable friendly ties. In the top ten all the preceding numbers are hidden. The ancient Maya Indians were confident that this figure represents the birth of a person and the completion of his life cycle.