105 consists of a unit, a five and a zero. These figures have a significant influence on the number one hundred and five. But most often in numerology it is considered as a combination of ten and a separately standing five. Ten is filled with the energy of leadership and the pursuit of new achievements. It is a sign of original solutions, active forward movement and a symbol of individualism. The carriers of the ten are distinguished by a lively mind and a well-developed intellect. They are specialists in their field, with a clearly expressed position.

Such people have to stand up for themselves and do not give offense to their own environment. They do not tolerate opportunists and form a team of like-minded people. The figure five complements the top ten: moreover, they have similar qualities. The five symbolizes individualism and the lack of conservatism. It is a symbol of change that compels a person to form his own experience.

The main slogan of the five is to move forward and overcome difficulties by using savvy. As a rule, its carriers have a high level of intelligence and well-developed ingenuity. All of the above characteristics form a general image of the number 105. Mystical significance The Chinese considered the five the symbol of the world bar, and most of the male inscriptions contained this figure. It includes a unit and a four, which are a symbol of carnal love between a man and a woman. The number 105 is found in the mythology of the ancient Romans: it is an attribute of the wedding ceremony.