104 consists of a unit, a zero and a four. Each of these numbers has its own unique impact on the number. Also it can be considered as the top ten, supplemented by a lone quartet. In this case, the interpretation of the meaning will be slightly different. A unit is an invariable sign of leadership. All athletes tend to take the first place, most people are interested in the primacy in their field. A unit empowers its carrier with new forces. It allows you to cope with small problems and hidden pitfalls.

This is a sign of intuition: its carrier is able to discern in time the profitable business and in a few months to realize it. Thanks to a superbly developed intelligence, such people are easily trained and able to absorb a lot of information. Four is responsible for organizational abilities. It fits perfectly with figure 1 and complements it. The ancient Greeks were sure that the quartet was patronized by Jupiter himself: the god of justice and equality. Zero is no less interesting: it combines the beginning and the end, splashes on the water and complete calm. And also – it is a sign of infinity and an eternal circle, which has no definite beginning and clearly expressed completion.

It is a symbol of the Lord who gives his love to all people, and at the same time remains within his divine circle. The Mystical Meaning of the Numbers A frequent encounter with this number tells us about the need to engage in our own spiritual development. In the process of working on the inner world, problems and doubts are possible. They should be expelled and continue their studies according to the intended course. A correct decision on a difficult situation will prompt the inner voice.