103 includes a dozen and three: both figures have a significant impact on it. Ten symbolizes leadership qualities: it is literally saturated with energy of movement and success, individual growth and original ideas. It is a sign of progress and ability to achieve the set goal. Troika symbolizes optimistic moods. It allows a person to communicate actively, to establish new ties. It is a symbol of intellectual development and ability to compassion. The mystical meaning of the Ten can be reduced to one, and then we received a sign of leadership.

In addition, it can be seen as a sign of harmony in the material world. Equally interesting is the combination of the three and the seven: these are the signs of Reason and Creation. Inside dozens are hidden and contradictions: they can be seen in the sum of two ordinary fives. Many ancient thinkers, including the famous Pythagoras, considered the ten the symbol of the cosmos itself.

It stores in itself all the knowledge gathered by our race. Troika allows its carrier to develop the skills of extrasensory perception. Quite often its bearers are engaged in the study of mystical knowledge and ancient sciences. As a rule, the troika rejuvenates its carrier. Most outsiders can not determine the exact age of such a person. A frequent meeting with the number 103 reports the completion of the started cycle. Such an interpretation can be found in many sources, including in the books of the ancient Maya Indians. And this is a sign of swift changes that will lead you to success.