102 consists of a unit, a zero and a deuce. But most often the number 102 is considered as a combination of a dozen and two. The dozen is symbolized with leadership qualities and independence. It is literally pumped up with energy that pours over the edge. Its carriers have a strong talent for adapting and the ability to solve even the most difficult problems. This is a sign of creative personalities and unusual decisions, the successful completion of the initiated business and an optimistic attitude. The twin symbolizes existence itself. It is a sign with two opposite sides and a symbol of separation. It’s fire and water, black and white at the same time.

Similarly, the deuce embodies the ability to share its own experience and symbolizes love itself. Her duality manifests itself in charity: one person gives something, the other – receives it all free of charge. Importance in religion and culture Among the 102 dozen plays a leading role. If we add its components, we get a symbol of material well-being. In addition, inside it lies the lucky seven and an unusual three. It is a sign of God and creation at the same time. We can get a triple by adding one, zero and two. This is the sign of the divine trinity, which controls the entire universe.

Pythagoras conducted such manipulations with the number 102. He believed that inside the dozens and deuces lies the wisdom gathered by our race throughout its existence. Zero symbolizes unity: most of the rituals are a procession of people in a circle. In the Mayan culture, a dozen was a symbol of beginning and end. This is life and death at the same time. The twin also calls for unification. It can be seen as an alliance of people who have similar views and values ​​(1 + 1 = 2). Listen to your inner voice: he will tell the right path and save from numerous obstacles.