The number 100 consists of one and two zeros. The figure 1 from the language of numbers is translated as “energy”. Zero (in the number of 100 reinforced by the repetition of itself) is translated as “ripening” or “falling asleep” of energy, which is the same for the relatively deep (spiritual) levels of Being and Consciousness.

When interpreting numbers in general and numbers 100 in particular, it is extremely important to understand the following. Any person lives simultaneously on the eleven levels of Being and Consciousness, but perceives his Self only in the plane of the visible world.

What we call “spirituality,” raising our hands to heaven, is only a beautiful embodiment of the emotional tantrums engendered by our fears of the great Unknown.

The number 100 in spiritual numerology means “the step of history”. Imagine a walking person. So, the number 100 for the history of mankind is the same as the usual step for a person.

The number 100 on the scale of the Universe is … as an Energy incubator. Quite an unusual incubator. Here, energy dies to be born – just as in the number 101 energy is born to die.

For all that, one must know: with respect to the highest levels of Being and Consciousness, energy does not die and is not born, because “there” is neither birth nor death. Paradox? Yes. But the maturity of the mind is characterized precisely by the ability to perceive paradoxes!

The number 100 is difficult to understand the traditionally minded Mind. But when he realizes it, he discovers completely different facets of Consciousness. It is not accidental that spiritual numerology is a science of thinking with the help of numbers.