The number 10 is the most amazing and beautiful number in spiritual numerology. Ten is the number of higher love and higher wisdom. A surprising figure is 10 that directly or indirectly combines the meaning of all the main numbers of numerology.

The ten in the language of numbers means perfection and completeness. Perfection – with respect to the spirit of man, and completeness – with respect to his body, thoughts and actions. The number 10 is every completed business. Any of our abilities, developed to the maximum standards – also a dozen.

The figure 10 – the finishing touch on the artist’s canvas. The final result of a commercial transaction, both profit and loss, is ten. The finishing ribbon on the treadmill is also a dozen. The end of any action, any dream, book, film, any crime and punishment – this is the meaning of number 10 in spiritual numerology.

Completion of something means the beginning of something else. Therefore, the number 10 – the beginning and the end, alpha and omega. Every second everything in nature dies and is born simultaneously. This is the wisdom of the Creator. The life of a person ends in the top ten, and it begins in it.

Therefore, the number 10 is the number of old age and the number of the child. The scriptures say “be like children,” which translates into the language of numbers means: strive for the top ten. Ten is still a number of spiritual enlightenment.

The value of 10

It seems like there are too many values ​​for one number, right? However, all these values ​​of the number 10 are true, despite the fact that the meaning for any number is always one. Simply, it is voluminous. Spiritual numerology teaches us to see the meaning of numbers, things and events “in volume”.

To imagine the bulk of the meaning is simpler than it seems. Let’s say you are looking at the TV screen. The screen is a plane. It would seem that you can show on a plane the size of a few dozen centimeters?

Nevertheless, on this plane there is a real, voluminous, active and multi-plot Life! Life, which causes emotions, makes you laugh, cry, hate and compassionate. And this is in a small, flat TV box!

So, numbers are something like screens of TV. In themselves, they are flat, primitive, small. But what can be seen in them surpasses all imagination!

Well, imagine a thousand, no, million TVs in which simultaneously show different films, news, cognitive and entertaining programs. As soon as you imagine it, consider your first acquaintance with spiritual numerology took place.