The number 1 – together with the number 0 – the basis of all numbers. Strictly speaking, zero and one are actually only real numbers. The remaining numbers are no more than the reflection of ones and zeros in an infinite number of curved mirrors of Eternity. Spiritual numerology teaches: in each digit there are the properties of zero and one.

The number 1 in the language of numbers means energy. The unit is the energy of life, the energy of will, mind, the energy of the universe. Number 1 in numerology embodies both spiritual energy and material. Although these two types of energy have nothing in common except the Source of Power.


In figure 1, both the energy of the sun and the electrical energy of your light bulb above the bed glow. The energy of air compression, the energy of atom division, psychic energy – everything in the unit!


A sign of Life is the presence of energy. Therefore, the value of the number 1 in date numerology is so great. The absence of a unit can be a very disturbing sign. In the numerology of fate, figure 1 generally plays hardly a key role.

Unit value

Unit is the number of force. In numerology of higher order, the number 1 represents the original spiritual impulse of the universe. And the number 0 – the original material impulse of the universe. Under the word “Universe” I mean the aggregate of material and spiritual Being and material-spiritual Consciousness.


Perhaps, I will not go too far into esotericism, in order not to “be clever” much. I will only say that the interpretation of numbers without elementary esoteric knowledge automatically turns into a pretty sweet, but silly rant about the meaning of numbers.


Judge for yourself. The main esoteric axiom is that any person is a small copy of the universe. Is it possible to talk about the fates of people without understanding what the universe is? Of course no. Numbers help reveal the essence of esoteric truths, but can not substitute for the truths themselves!