0909 How do you feel about pickpockets? Personally, I’m extremely negative. These are vile people, living at the expense of more successful, but inattentive fellow citizens. And every time I go to the subway or bus, I try to figure out a potential thief.

“Professionals” at work

They work as a team: one accidentally pushes the victim and further distracts her attention, the other gets the stolen thing and safely leaves the city transport parlor. Everything, the theft was committed: you lost a purse or bag, and robbers received your money. But this could have been avoided if you listened to your guardian angel. He sends you messages with an enviable regularity, but you simply do not notice them. To communicate with the material world, they use the clock and the time indicated on them. If you see the figures 09:09 for several days, this is a letter from your custodian. He asks you to be careful and look after personal things. First of all, this applies to women’s handbags, men’s purses, wallets and mobile phones. Be carefull!