What do you pay attention to most often? The results of the American Statistics Center showed that 80% of people pay attention to the numbers. These are the numbers of cars, the number of your own bank card. But even more often people look at the clock face. According to scientists, the respondents study them every 30 minutes.

What the dial hides

Ordinary combinations do not cause much interest: attract regular repetitions of the same time. Can a certain symbol serve as a message? Definitely, yes, and angelic numerology by the hour – a vivid confirmation of this.

Heavenly Keepers

 Angels contact you much more often than you can imagine. They follow every step and guide you along the right path. But their words can not penetrate the barrier separating the material world and the spiritual. Therefore, symbols are the main weapon of heavenly creatures.

The Meaning of a Message

Time 02.20, indicated on your watch, occurs 2 times a day. It’s 20 minutes of the third day and 20 minutes after 2 am. But what do these symbols hide? Dorin Verche comments on them as follows: watch your words, enemies are ready to use the information received for their own purposes.