Angels exist: they communicate with you by transferring numbers from 0 to 10. I was convinced of it on my own experience, on the night from Friday to Saturday. Jumping in the middle of the night is an old good habit of an office worker. In the afternoon the head is so clogged with problems that their decision is extended for 24 hours in a day. Opening my eyes, I looked at my watch habitually and saw 01:10.

Value of 01:10

Wake up at midnight – it’s frightening, at 10 minutes of the second – intriguing. I was intrigued enough that immediately turned on the computer and began to search for an explanation of this combination of numbers. As a result, I came across the subject of angel numerology, tied to figures, hours and events. Each digit is important: the unit says about the meeting, and zero – adds information about who you will meet with. 01:01 was a warning about the imminent meeting with a friend. So it happened: in the morning a telephone call from my friend Alexander, who was going to visit me, was heard.