Why does angelic numerology begin at midnight(0000)? Because this is the boundary between today and tomorrow. This condition is familiar to all who suffer from insomnia: the desired slumber has not yet come, and the last day tossing in my head. Lack of sleep is annoying and makes you look at the clock that shows 00:00. The value of 0000 Zero is the starting point in a long series of numbers. It attracts with its simplicity and capacity. Inside – emptiness, beyond – the whole world. It is an introduction and a conclusion at the same time, infinity, enclosed in an elegant oval. People have long believed in the divinity of this sign, and this is indeed so.

God is everywhere, and his influence is material. But thus any person could not see the Creator personally. The force of zero At zero, his charge, and he gladly passes it to his neighbors. Place the unit next to you – get the top ten, connect the two zeros together – you will see the union of kindred souls. That is why zero is considered a symbol of unity, friendship and reunification. It is convenient for its simplicity, and therefore angels often use it in their messages. We, people, do not like complicated notes and vague explanations.